Corporate environmental and socially responsible programs are a must for today’s business climate.

Crafted to the finest detail, our lifecycle management process salvages many useful materials from your device, helping the environment whilst providing additional commercial value to your business.

If your device is too good for salvage, we will erase all data and sell it on. Protection of Personal Data is our number one priority when recycling devices. All devices received by our authorised personnel, are stored in a secure, monitored 24/7 until the data is erased or physically destroyed, complying to industry-leading standards.

We don’t just offer our services to businesses, even consumers can send their old devices in for recycling via our buyback website.

Data Certification

Whether your data is erased or physically destroyed, you will be provided with an authorised certificate providing complete piece of mind.

Data Destruction

We offer witnessed destruction services compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679

Data Wipe

All data is erased from devices utilising accredited software solutions.

We are able to offer various data wipe solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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